General Questions

1How does Nutriway work?
Our program is based on a 10% Solution which is Phase I of our program. You will lose 10% of your current goal in the first (2) weeks followed by a Phase II which places you on a maintenance plan until you are ready to move on to additional weight loss if necessary
2Can I order Nutriway products on line?
Yes, you can. We recommend you have an initial consultation/visit with our Nutritionist to review your weight loss goal/plan followed by a customized BMI and Body Composition Analysis
3Do I need to sign a contract or agreement?
There is no contract or obligation after your initial consultation and program purchase, you will be given (3) months of unlimited access to our Platform and coaching. You can continue coaching and nutrition specialist services at a monthly cost after (90) days.
4What does your Program include?
Program includes; (14) days of meals including Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner plus snacks.
5Does this program accept Insurance Plans?
Some Health Insurance plans allow a discount on weight loss programs. Our Dietician will be available to discuss those options based on your Health Provider
6Do I need to take Vitamins on this program?
We provide you a complete Multi-Vitamin and EFA on our Plan
7Is this Plan High in Protein?
You will be consuming a safe and sufficient amount of protein and vegetables in the first 2 weeks of the program (Phase I)
8What is the caloric intake per day on the Nutriway Program?
1,200 calories per day
9How much water must I drink per day on the Nutriway Program?
Between 6-8 Glasses of water per day is recommended
10Do I have to come to the Nutriway Center every week for weigh in?
It is not necessary to come to the Center every week but we recommend at least once a week to monitor and track your Weight, BMI and BCA
11What kind of food is in the Nutriway Program?
Our food is pre-packed with a variety of delicious meals that can be microwaved or simply refrigerated before eating
12Can I go on the Nutriway Program if I have food allergies?
Some of our products are manufactured in plants where nuts/whey and milk products are used. If you are allergic to any of these products, you may not be able to use our entire line of meals.
13Can you go on the program if you are Diabetic?
Yes. Our Dietician can individualize a plan for you based on your diabetic needs
14I don’t eat certain meat products, can I still use Nutriway?
Yes. We provide a choice of FIsh, Turkey or Chicken
15I’m Lactose Intolerant. Does Nutriway contain any milk products?
Some of our products contain Whey or Milk Products.
16Can I exercise on this Program?
We suggest low impact exercise in the Phase I of the program such as walking
17I live in another State. Can I still go on this program?
Yes, as long as you have clearance from your Doctor and have discussed all your allergies or medical conditions with our Dietician
18Is Doctor Supervision mandatory?
Only if your Medical Condition requires it and you have allergies or restrictions
19Are there more than one type of program to follow?
Our program is personalized for each individual based on the weight loss goal.
20Is your food high in Fat/Sodium and Sugar?
No. In the first (2) weeks of the program, you will only consume High Dosage of Protein and Vegetables. Small amount of sugar and fat will be introduced in the weeks that follow your initial weight loss
21Where can I find the Nutritional Information on your Food?
Each meal box will have the nutrients listed. You may also go on our Platform/Website and review them as well. Also you may visit our Center at any time for assistance.
22What is your money back guarantee?
14-day money back guarantee
23Can I eat vegetables and fruits while on the program?
Yes. Vegetables will be part of your diet during the first (2) weeks. Fruits will be introduced later in the maintenance phase.
24Is there a maintenance program once I’ve reached my goal?
Your maintenance Program will start after you’ve completed Phase 1 which is (14) days if you’ve reached your goal. You may go on maintenance for 2-4 weeks and start the Phase 1 again if additional weight loss is desired
25Does Nutriway offer Coaching and Counseling Services?
Absolutely! Our Goal is to make sure we support you during and after your weight loss. Once you start your program, you will have a personal coach and nutritionist assisting you. This coaching is “complimentary” for the first (3) months of your membership during your Phase I and II.
26How much weight will I lose in the first (2) weeks while on the Program?
Our plan provides a 10% Solution. We provide an effective program that allows you to lose at least 10% of your current weight in the first (2) weeks of the program.
27Do I have a choice to customize my Nutriway Program?
Yes. The variety of meals we offer, allow you to choose from different category of foods that you prefer over others.
28How Costly is this program?
The cost of our plan is approximately $3.00 per meal and you will be supplied with (5) meals including Snacks and Multi- Vitamins and EFA. per day.
29Will I be hungry on this plan?
Our plan is designed to do the opposite. Your snacks will provide the correct amount of proteins to keep you satisfied between meals.
30Can I drink coffee or tea on the Nutriway Program?
Yes, you can drink Green tea or black coffee with no cream or sugar
31Are there restrictions on who can use the Nutriway program?
People with certain conditions may not use our program; these include, but not limited to if you are: Pregnant; Have allergic reactions to Soy, Peanuts or Whey (which may be used in our food processing plants); suffer from anorexia or bulimia; are under a Doctor Supervision.

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